GoGirl Pink Tube GG-001
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GoGirl Pink Tube GG-001

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Gogirl Urinate Device


What is Gogirl Urinate Device?

GoGirl may be a hassle-free device for female urination It lets women to discreetly pee publicly in order that they don’t need to visit those unhygienic urinals the target behind this device is to avoid contact against public toilets and assuring hygiene within the safest possible manner With this device one would be ready to pee during a standing position which also without touching anything inspect the newest range of female toys in Qatar for more

What GoGirl Urinate Device is formed of?

The GoGirl urinate device comes during a medical-grade silicone body it assures the very best standard of safety Since it's non-toxic it might be safe for the feminine genitals it stays quite comfortable against the skin and keeps the user comfortable one can wear it for long hours with none irritation

What does the GoGirl Urinate Device Look Like?

As far because the shape of GoGirl urinate device goes it's almost sort of a funnel For being light in weight it's portable and may be carried from one place to a different the most important advantage of using this product is that it are often reused multiple times It’s just that the user must stand and use The presence of the splash guard thereon doesn’t allow messing or spilling

How to Use and Clean a GoGirl Urinate Device?

The GoGirl urinate device takes no effort to use One just has got to hold it against her private part in order that it's sort of a seal Once it's positioned she will pee right inside When the peeing is completed she will dispose off the liquid Find the newest models among the feminine toys in Qatar In case the user wants

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