Secure payment

Secure Payment

Qatar Pleasure brings several payment modes through which you can buy product from our store and pay safely. These payment modes are all very flexible and would not create complications for our customers. Now take a look at all our payment schemes mentioned below:

Debit/Credit card – The use of debit and credit cards is common, convenient and reliable for online shoppers. At Qatar Pleasure, we have also made these payment options available for all those who want to pay online. Each and every detail of your online transactions is kept secure and never shared with anyone. So, you are always welcomed to pay through your Debit or Credit card.

Payment through Bank – For this mode of payment, we give an account number or IFSC code to the customer. Once received, he or she will be able to pay the amount in the bank as per this account number. This is an easy payment process that will exclude the hassles of paychecks. In fact, the payment under this mode will be much faster.

Paytm – The majority of smartphone users are now aware of this electronic payment mode, known as Paytm. It is a very flexible payment mode availing which the customer can pay funds electronically. The one who pays through Paytm can be located anywhere and make payments flexibly through his/her smartphone.

National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) – Making instant payments has been so easy and safe nowadays. The National Electronic Fund Transfer is one such flexible payment mode that takes place through a smartphone only. Among the convenient payment methods, NEFT will prove beneficial for you.

So, you can choose to pay from any of these payment policies mentioned above. All the policies are safe and secure and also quite reliable as well. Just place your order at Qatar Pleasure and pick your preferred payment option.