Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

Prior to shopping at Qatar Pleasure, one should be aware of all our terms and conditions. On understanding and adhering to these conditions, it would be easier for you to place an order at our store. Take a look at our following terms and conditions so that there arise no complications in the ordering process:

  • Qatar Pleasure is very particular about selling products to only those who are 18 and above. Therefore, one needs to specify the age limit while ordering. If it is not specified, the order will be cancelled. 
  • From our end, if we do not deliver the correct product, you have to let us know and report within 48 hours. It is, therefore, mandatory for one to report us within this time frame. If this fails to happen from your end, we will cancel your request for return. 
  • For any product shipped in damaged condition from our end, will be do the replacement. Since this will be our fault, we will definitely provide you what you want. However, no money refund request shall be accepted from our end. 
  • The products we sell to our customers are all fresh. We make it a point to ensure sexual wellness among our customers. This is a reason we refuse any sort of requests for returning used products. Once used, we will accept that product for return. 
  • We are not here for commercial gains. We sell our products with the prime objective to strictly fulfill personal needs. We want everyone to be healthy and hygienic. This is why we instruct everyone to use the product fir his/her own use and not with anyone outside. 
  • In case of any damage caused to a product by the customer, Qatar Pleasure will not be accountable at all. Hence, we will not take up any sort of request for returning damaged products.