How To Order

How to Order

If you are heading to buy anything from Qatar Pleasure, you can do so in the following two easy and effortless methods:

Method 1: Order through the Store

·         Visit 
·         Go to your desired category and click on the product you want to buy
·         Choose the product, and once done, click on the option Add to Cart
·         Make sure the shopping cart is added with your chosen product. Once done, click on “Proceed to checkout
·         Proceed towards the Personal Information page to fill up
·         Select your preferred method of payment
·         Place the order

Method 2: Ordering through Call

·         Visit 
·         Take the telephone number from the bottom of the page and call up our Sales Executives
·         For any query, issue or order request or cancellation request, talk to our Sales Executive
·         In this process, our Sales Executive would verify your details and know some information if required
·         After the verification process is over, he will place the order for you

Shopping online from Qatar Pleasure is, therefore, so easy and less complex. Once you start exploring our store, you will get to know everything. Despite, if you face any challenges while placing an order, email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you in no time.