Press & Media

Press and Media

Qatar Pleasure greets a warm welcome to all from the press and media.

Here are a few crucial things about our online store. Take a look:

·         Qatar Pleasure is the brand new online store in Qatar, dealing in adult toys and accessories for men and women. Each and every product we sell is of the best quality.
·         Our aim is to ensure that our users maintain sexual wellness. We have no other business gains or intentions.
·          We sell our products to different corners of India. Also, we deliver orders to the most distant corners in the country.
·         The products at our store have undergone medical and quality tests. Without such quality checks, we do not approve taking products at our store.
·         We not have customers throughout India but most of them are prospective and have positive feedbacks after using our products. We have plans to reach more people and serve them in the long-run.

Based on what has been mentioned above, the press and media are welcomed to get in touch with us and enquire anything. Therefore,

·         Anyone is welcomed to interview us
·         Anyone who wants any type of information about our products and services can schedule a face to face meeting. For convenience, one can also make a voice call or Skype call, whichever is suitable.

·         Anyone who wants extensive facts about our business as per today’s market scenario can also reach us. 

Please list all your requirements and fix a schedule with us.

For any query:

Send us email at [email protected]

Call us at +971 42463264