Delivery and Return Policy

Delivery and Return Policy

Qatar Pleasure operates on the basis of a set of delivery and return policies. All these policies should be read, understood and followed by those who will be buying products from our store. Our services will also depend majorly on these policies. These policies are also crucial for one to know for order delivery, product return and making payments.

We Ship Order in 5 to 10 days

Qatar Pleasure delivers orders to different locations in Qatar and also the United Arab Emirates. Our minimum time limit for delivering orders is 5 to 10 business days. Most importantly, we make sure to keep every order confidential. Hence, we do the packaging accordingly and do not add any details on the pack. We even accept payments from abroad as in Debit and Credit card, Bankware and PayPal.

Stay Alert with your Shipment Details

If you wish, you can always update information like your mobile number, order number, pin code etc. Your order will be processed after your postal address and payment receipt are verified.

In case you want to order anything from Qatar Pleasure, call us on +971 42463264. You can also email us at [email protected]

Another alternative way is to visit where you can place the order directly.

Inform us Before 48 hours for a Wrong Product

In case you want to cancel your order for getting a wrong product, let us know before 48 hours. Despite, if you are not able to inform us within this mentioned period, no request will be taken for order cancellation.

No Refund, We Only Replace Products

For any sort of wrong product, we take return requests by means of an email or call. Nevertheless, we would not accept any request for refunding the money.

Damage by the user not to be Considered

We do not accept return order cases where the product has been damaged by the customer. If it gets shipped undamaged from our end, no return order will be taken.