Faqs By Delivery

Do you deliver orders all throughout Qatar?

Yes, we deliver orders anywhere and everywhere in Qatar. You can be at any city in Qatar and order. In Qatar, our delivery time is usually 5 to 7 business days. It is also the customer’s duty to provide the correct address for timely delivery.

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Can I expect to keep my delivery confidential?

Every order we deliver is kept confidential. We deliver the orders at the customer’s doorstep without leaving any details about the product. We pack the product securely inside a standard box and provide only the customer’s address and his/her name. So, there is no question of tampering your order details as to what you are actually ordering.

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Do you sell . Do you sell herbal products?products?

Qatarpleasure has a wide array of herbal products along with natural supplements and other products. Here men and women, singles and couples will find different arousal gels along with good quality lubricants. Apart from these, there are coffee packs that would give that extra boost to one’s sexual powers.

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